First off I want to say, thank you for visiting the website and taking the time to read this. My name is Vishon, I decided to build this website to share my knowledge and personal experience with neck injuries and having herniated disks. I train in mixed martial arts and it is a passion of mine, I love staying active and doing high intensity activities. About 3 years ago I realized my neck had a slipped disc due to too many neck cranks in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, amongst other things. I refused to stop training and kept trying to crawl my way back in to train with my train, but constantly got re-injured. My neck would often become stiff and I would lose up to 90% mobility in my neck for weeks to months sometimes. Eventually I had enough and saw a doctor, this is when I found out about my situation.

I found out I had a herniated disc and I tried all the options I could to avoid surgery, I strengthened my neck, did physical therapy very often and listened to the doctors, but I also was forced to listen to the words “You shouldn’t train Mixed Martial Arts anymore”. Without going too much into it, let’s skip ahead. I still have not had the surgery but plan on doing it. About a year later I realized I had a second herniated disc in my neck, I was unsure how or what happened. But skipping more ahead,  I am still able to lift weights and function just fine, while managing the pain and uncomfortable feelings. I am also able to avoid neck spasms and nerve pinches. 

I have learned many techniques and methods to manage neck pain and keep going about my daily life. Through my research and personal experience alongside doctors I wanted to share my experience and advice with the world. I always advise anyone to always take their doctors advice over mine, listen to your doctor, but also get multiple opinions from different doctors and make your own judgement.