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Experiencing Chronic Neck Pain in the Right Side of your Neck? 11 Amazing ways to Treat It!


Do you find yourself battling chronic neck pain in the right side of your neck often? In this article I will go through why this is happening and how to treat and stop this pain. I will also provide links to my other articles on “how to stretch the neck” and “exercises for the neck”, which you will do after the stretches for the neck and this will help the you deal with neck pain in the right side and usually can get rid of the pain all together.

Pain relievers are only a temporary solution and sometimes don’t even help with the pain, I always recommend trying to solve the pain without any drugs. I recommend solving the neck pain by stretching the neck and strengthening the neck to help deal with the pain and get rid of the pain.

Chronic neck pain is a common problem that many people suffer from, including myself. The spinal structure, muscles, the tissue and the nerves that are all present in the neck all create a very complex structure. When something goes wrong it can lead to a painful experience.

If you haven’t gone to the doctor yet, you’re probably wondering why this neck pain in the right side is occurring. I’ll share with you why this neck pain is happening in the right side and how you can treat it.

The neck pain in the right side can possibly go away on its own, or with some of the methods I’ll share below, the pain can go away within a few days to weeks. As always, I recommend visiting a doctor if you have very bad neck pain before doing anything else.


Reasons you are experiencing Chronic Neck Pain in the Right Side of your Neck

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Some of the reasons you are experiencing pain in the right side of your neck may include:

Bad Posture

This is a common problem amongst many people, especially with technology or office work. Leaning forward looking at their phones or computers and sitting for long periods of time. Posture is very important to preventing, reducing, or getting rid of neck pain all together. Poor posture will affect the muscles near your neck, shoulders and spine. The longer you maintain the bad posture, the weaker these body parts will become. I suggest you become more aware of your posture and maintain good posture through the day or neck pain will be a common thing that will happen, not just in the right side, this pain can come from many areas. Fix your posture and you will experience less pain overall.

Muscle Strain

This is closely related with bad posture. When you look at phones or computers or driving in a car leaning forward for too long, this muscle strain can happen. These actions can cause muscle weakness. Your neck will soon after become stiff and you’ll have a difficult time moving your head due to the stiff neck or painful sensations. When the neck joint is stiffed it can cause pain in the neck because of nerve contact or contact with muscles when rotating.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs will occur when the inner core of a disc protrudes out and presses onto the nerve root. These herniated discs are common in people of age 30 to 50 but can occur in older or younger patients, as well.

In some cases, the herniated discs can occur due to sports injury or car accidents, many times they manifest with no known cause of where it came from.

Symptoms for a herniated disc, particularly in the neck will vary depending in the disc that is herniated and health of the individual.

Signs of a herniated disc in the neck include:
  • Neck pain, either in the left or right side or even both
  • Numbness, tingling or muscle weakness in the hands or fingers
  • Neck stiffness, you have trouble turning your head from side to side
  • Pain in the shoulder area that radiates down the arm

Like I said above, each situation varies from person to person and its best to first speak to a doctor about this neck pain situation to learn more about your specific situation and help with the neck pain.


Pinched nerve in the right side of the neck

A pinched nerve in the neck can be a very annoying and painful condition to ever deal with. In fact, a pinched nerve can cause you to lose all mobility your neck, scary I know. I have dealt with this situation before in my neck and have a specific article on how to deal with a pinched nerve in the neck, I’ll link it below, it will help you with the neck pain in the right side, most likely you pinched a nerve in the right side of the neck.

In many cases, the pinched nerve is due to a herniated disc but the herniated disc in many cases won’t be the source of the issue, the pinched nerve is. So, we must deal with the pain by dealing with the pinched nerve, once dealt with, the pain should reduce or the pain should be gone.

If you are experiencing neck pain in the right side of the neck due to a pinched nerve, first off you should contact your doctor and speak with them about this neck pain situation. If you feel safe enough, I provided some light neck stretches and neck exercises to help deal with the neck pain in the right side from a pinched nerve in the neck below.

3 Amazing Neck Stretches for Pinched Nerve

3 Amazing Pinched Nerve in Neck Exercises

Neck Arthritis

Does your neck pain in the right side usually feel worse in the mornings? Does the neck usually feel better during a warm and sunny day as opposed to a rainy and cool day? If so, you have arthritis in your neck.

Neck arthritis will usually occur in older patients but this isn’t always the case, it can occur in people who practice high level physical sports or physically demanding jobs. This results when the facet joints in the spine degenerate.

Many symptoms for neck arthritis include:
  • Neck pain in the right side or left side
  • Pain that is radiating between the shoulder blades
  • Headaches that feel like they’re coming from the back of the head or near the base of the skull
  • Pain that is worse in early mornings or wet, cooler conditions

There are many ways this condition can manifest, it is best to speak to a medical professional, your doctor to get advice on how to deal with your particular situation first and help fix it so the neck pain in the right side can be resolved.


Cervical degenerative disc disease

This can cause very significant neck pain in the right side. It can cause pain in any side of the neck. You may notice your neck pain in the right side flares up from time to time and isn’t always present, it usually gets worse while you’re doing some sort of physical activity.

These are some symptoms
  • Stiff or inflexible neck
  • Pain that radiates from the neck, all the way down to the shoulders or triceps
  • The pain isn’t consistent, it will come and go.

If this sounds like you, I recommend seeing a doctor to deal with this first and get a treatment plan for the disc and help with the neck pain.


Tumor (Not common but possible)

Don’t get too worried, just be aware this is an uncommon possibility, but can still be a cause of neck pain in the right side of the neck. While this is rare, what can happen is, a cyst or tumor can reach a certain size and press in the nerves, causing a lot of pain in the neck. I suggest ruling them out by getting an MRI or CT scan or another imaging test for your neck and keeping in contact with your doctor to just rule this out right away.


11 Amazing ways to Treat Pain in the Right Side of the Neck

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Usually mild neck pain to moderate neck pain can heal over a few days or weeks. In the meantime you can do these treatments to help relieve some of the neck pain.

Take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications

There are many that will help relieve the pain, some are even creams you can use on your skin to reduce the pain, you rub it in the area where the pain is to reduce that pain.

Icing the injured or painful area

Apply ice for a 5 – 15 minutes in the area and just leave it alone. This should help with the neck pain if you do it often, try to ice it every hour or two. Alternatively, you can buy Icy-Hot and use that, usually that helps with the neck pain a lot too.

Applying Heat to the injured or painful area

For this one, you can just take a nice hot shower or bath and let that area that is painful take the heat in. This will loosen and relax the muscles in the area and soothe the pain.

Moving the head side to side slowly

For this one you can bob your head side to side, left and right. Do this gently and slowly, it’s basically a stretch which will help with your neck pain in the right side.

Stretching the neck muscles gently

For this you can do some neck stretches, below is a link to my article on stretching the neck, it will help you relieve any neck pain in the right side you’re currently having.

Top 5 Best Neck Stretches for Neck Pain Relief

Staying active during the pain

Now, as I said before, if the neck pain in the right side is great, consult a doctor right away. This advice is for mild neck pain, if it is mild, I suggest first doing the neck stretches I mentioned here. After doing the neck stretches, I recommend doing the neck exercises here. This should help with the neck pain.

Getting a massage

If you have someone who can massage your neck gently, this is a great help and can relax the neck greatly to reduce that pain.

Proper Posture

This is something you should follow everyday for your overall health. Focus on good posture, stand straight or sit straight, neutral head position. Bad posture as I mentioned can be the main cause of neck pain in the right side or even left.

Ergonomic alternatives and ways to work on a computer

If you find yourself sitting a lot at a desk and doing computer related work, stand up for a bit and do your work while standing, or look into more ergonomic healthy ways to work on a computer. Leaning forward and sitting down for too long cause easily cause the neck pain in the right side of your neck.

Sleeping with a single pillow on a single mattress

This mainly goes with good posture even in sleep. Try to have a balanced sleep position, don’t have your neck pushed too far up with the pillows and make sure you have a single good mattress.

Meditation or Yoga to reduce stress

Stress is also another cause of neck pain in the right side or any side. Try to sit down for a few minutes everyday to relax in a quiet area and clear your mind, start doing meditation to relax. Also, you can do yoga, it will help with stress and help by stretching too. This is another way people get rid of or manage their neck pain.

Consult a doctor if the neck pain isn’t going away!

doctor neck pain in the right side

If the neck pain in the right side or left side hasn’t gone away after a few weeks or keeps coming back despite all your best efforts, please contact your doctor right away to find out what is going on.


Pain in the right side or left side of the neck is usually not a cause for concern, it is usually mild muscle strains, bad posture, bad sleep position or stress. If the pain doesn’t stop after a few weeks, even after doing the recommended tips above for neck stretches and exercises, you should consult with a doctor to handle this neck pain.

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