What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises?

When it comes to strength and muscle building, the neck is not brought up nearly as much as other body parts. Most people don’t bother to train the neck, but I feel this is a mistake. If you are curious and wondering “What are the benefits of neck exercises?”, you’ve come to the right place, because we are going to break down the benefits neck exercises will offer.

Neck exercises bring many benefits, such as making you more resistant to neck injuries, reduced or completely eliminate neck pain, reduced risk of concussions, improved quality of breathing, and having a bigger neck is a great addition to anyone’s physique. If you are an active athlete or have suffered from a neck injury in the past, neck exercises will benefit you greatly.

I wish I started neck training earlier because two herniated discs due to a sports injury, if I had trained my neck and kept it strong, this could have been prevented. So when anyone asks me about the benefits of neck exercises, I always tell them to just do it because it will save them from an injury like mine.

Lets go over the benefits of neck exercises and how it will impact your life. Please note that these are only a few out of many benefits of neck exercises, I chose these because they have been the most impactful for me and are the biggest benefits I personally have received from working out my neck. Lets go over them!

More Resistant To Injuries

doctor neck pain in the right side

This has been one of the most important and noticeable benefits of neck exercises for me personally. As an athlete who is consistently training in combat sports, where people are constantly trying to attack my neck, and where I’m constantly exposed to possible impacts on my neck, strengthening my neck has been vital.

As you strengthen the neck and build your neck muscles, it will have greater resistance to injuries from sudden impacts. This means you’ll be less likely to injury your neck in a sudden accident because your muscles will be able to support your neck and prevent whiplash or other possible events. A strong neck can be what prevents you from getting a neck herniation due to an accident.

If you are someone who trains any kind of contact sport, it is highly recommended for you to train your neck, because you will be much safer during your practices or competitions. Neck training is especially common in sports such as American football, boxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling because these are all very contact heavy sports that pose risk to injuries. Having a strong neck can help prevent many of these injuries from occurring.

Reduced Or Completely Eliminates Neck Pain

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises neck pain

If you experience neck pain, strengthening the neck can reduce or even completely eliminate this pain. The way this works is, as you strengthen the neck, the muscles provide support to your neck to help carry the weight of the head.

Your posture does place a huge role in this, good posture is always something I recommend to anyone. Always make sure you are keeping your head and neck straight, make sure they are in line with your body. Do not lean your head forward, back, or to the sides for extended periods of time because now your neck is forced to carry your head in an awkward position and this can put huge strain on the neck. Imagine holding a weight on top of your head and leaning your head forward, the force of gravity will quickly make this uncomfortable. This is essentially what you are doing when you lean your head forward, so focus on good posture.

The main way strengthening the neck will help reduce or eliminate neck pain is support. As you build the muscles and strength in the neck, it will be able to easily support your neck in carrying the weight of your head and this will put less stress on the neck itself.

A quick look at this article from Harvard Health Publishing will show you the benefits of neck and shoulder training and how it can greatly benefit you if you’re experiencing chronic neck pain.

Reduced Risk Of Concussions

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises whiplash

Strengthening the neck can greatly help reduce the risk of concussions. This can be in any situation, such as a fall, sudden impact such as a car crash, or even contact sports. If you are hit, a stronger neck will be able to brace and absorb some of the impact of the force. It will also prevent your head from moving too much, reducing the risk of a whiplash effect, this by itself is one of the huge benefits of neck exercises.

I’ve said this multiple times and I’ll say it again, improving neck strength and muscles will help to support your neck during these events. The neck is stronger and can have more natural resistance to sudden movements incase an unfortunate event may occur or in the case of a sport related impact. This can be one of the most important and life saving benefits of neck exercises.

Improved Quality Of Breathing

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises breathing

Although this is a lesser known fact, I feel this is an incredibly important one of the benefits of neck exercises. Its not as widely talked about, but believe it or not, the strength of your neck can impact the respiratory system and your quality of breathing. This becomes much more noticeable during demanding exercises.

If you have trouble breathing, especially during a demanding exercise, I would first recommend seeing a doctor, but later after this condition has improved, I would recommend incorporating neck exercises into your routines. Strengthening the neck will definitely help to improve your quality of breathing. This is an important one of the benefits of neck exercises, one that is not talked about as often, but a very important benefit.


What Are The Benefits Of Neck Exercises mike tyson neck aesthetics

This will be a big one for many people, but this is the icing on the cake for me. For anyone who works out and stays fit, a strong and muscular neck is an incredible addition to your physique. As for building a big neck, surprisingly this can be easier than you’d think for most people, the neck can easily be trained very often, but it is not recommended because the neck can grow extremely fast. You want to make sure you don’t grow your neck too much, make sure its balanced with your body.

Having a strong physique with a muscular neck is one of the amazing benefits of neck exercises because a strong neck signals strength. If you look at some famous bodybuilders or even athletes such as boxing legend Mike Tyson, you’ll notice their well defined and muscular neck.

If you are training your neck for aesthetics I would recommend only training once or twice a week and if you aren’t happy with the results after 3 months of consistent training and good diet, slowly build up the training consistency for your neck. I recommend doing it this way because like I said, in many cases the neck can grow much faster than expected because of how easily and often it can be trained, so its best to start in moderation and slowly increase the training as you see fit.


These are only a few of many amazing benefits of neck exercises, but like I said, I chose these because these are the benefits I experienced and which had the most impact on my life. I highly recommend neck training for anyone, if you do have a previous neck injury I would recommend speaking to a doctor first before neck training. I have two herniated discs in my neck, after you’ve gotten a diagnosis from a doctor, you will most likely be recommended physical therapy, in physical therapy they will also make you do neck exercises.

I have articles that go into these neck exercises which I will link below, because I highly recommend you check them out to get into neck training safely and strengthen you neck correctly. The benefits you will experience from training your neck will be amazing, which is why I recommend this to so many people.

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Aside from exercising the neck I also highly recommend looking into stretching or even yoga to help improve your flexibility. Both stretching and yoga poses will be extremely beneficial for many people and I highly recommend doing them before and even after you workout your neck, because it will help further prevent injuries and will help prevent stiffness which can occur after a lot of muscle building. 

Stretching combined with strength and muscle building will greatly help reduce the risk of injury and will improve all the previous benefits I’ve mentioned, that is why I believe strength strengthening, muscle building, and stretching all go hand in hand together to help promote a healthy body. I will list some articles below that go into some amazing stretches and yoga poses to help improve the benefits of neck exercises.

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