What Causes Neck Fat?

What Causes Neck Fat?

Neck fat is often caused by obesity or excess body fat. Due to a bad diet the body begins to accumulate fat in specific areas, depending on genetics these areas can be the neck or even the stomach. In some cases even people who aren’t obese can experience neck fat, this can also be due to genetics, aging, water retention, and in some cases it can be hormonal. A solution to getting rid of neck fat is to have a healthy diet and exercise routine.

In this article we will discuss exactly how to get rid of neck fat and prevent it from coming back. We briefly explained what neck fat is, what causes neck fat, and its solutions, now we will go in-depth on each of the previously mentioned topics.

Disclaimer: If you have any previous health conditions or neck injuries, please consult with your doctor before trying anything and get their approval first. Follow your doctors advice over anything you may find online because your doctor will know you and your situation best.

How Do You Get Rid Of Neck Fat?

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Getting rid of neck fat is usually very straight forward, but genetics can play a huge role on how easy it is to get rid of neck fat. Since genetics cannot be controlled we need to focus on what we can control. Our lifestyle choices can be controlled, such as diet and exercise. Most of the time, diet and exercise is all you’ll need to get rid of neck fat. Following a healthy diet and exercise regime consistently will be the biggest factor in burning fat.

One thing to remember is, you cannot burn fat from one specific part of your body. For example, you cannot only burn fat from the neck area. To burn fat you will be burning fat throughout your entire body, targeting one spot to burn fat cannot be done.

One thing exercise will help with is helping shape the neck and give it a more defined look, as the neck muscles grow they will be able to form a more defined shape to the neck by moving around the fat, but this isn’t the full solution we want. This is why diet is just as important. Focusing on a healthy diet will help stop more fat from being added to the neck and exercising will help burn fat because you will be eating healthier and when following a good meal plan your body will be forced to burn fat.


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Diet is a huge factor in what causes neck fat. The most important advice I can give for diet is to consume less calories than you burn. What this means is, if you go to the gym and burn 2,000 calories, you want to make sure you aren’t eating anymore than around 1,800 calories.  This is called a calorie deficit, your body will be forced to find 200 calories to burn, and it will first look into the fat in the body and burn that.

To keep it simple, the reason your body burns fat first after calories is because your body always tries to burn sugars first, when your body looks for reserves of energy it will always turn to the fat in the body first.

To learn more about how weight loss works, read here.

Now that we got the basics out of the way and you have an idea of calorie deficits, lets talk about what not to eat.

I suggest strictly avoiding the following:

  • Sugary foods/drinks (Soda, donuts, candy)
  • Bad fats (oily foods such as French Fries, Hamburgers, etc)
  • Alcohol

The reason I mention only those is because those are the worst things to eat when trying to lose weight, I suggest cutting down on them to at 1 day a week where you eat a few of those foods, just to keep yourself from going insane.

I suggest eating:

  • Whole Wheat (Breads, Pasta, etc)
  • Healthy Fats (Nuts, Yogurt, Avocados)
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Protein (Chicken, Fish, Turkey, Lean Beef)

Following these simple diet tips will put you on the right track to losing weight, I feel diet is even more important than exercise, you can exercise all you want, but if your diet is bad, you’ll never see good results.

I also highly suggest looking up a calorie deficit calculator to get a better idea of how much you should be eating to lose weight, also tracking your food intake everyday is recommended, there are some great apps to help you with this. I recommend MyFitnessPal. Tracking the food you eat and your calorie intake will greatly help you on this journey to lose neck fat.

Now that we got the diet down, lets get into exercise, since they do go hand in hand.


Why Does Deadlift Hurt My Neck

Now that you understand what a calorie deficit is, the next step is to start exercising to burn more calories and to make sure you’re in that calorie deficit. Like I mentioned earlier, you cannot burn fat from a specific body part. For example, some people believe doing crunches will burn their stomach fat, this is completely false. Although working out your abs can build the muscles and help shape your stomach, if you have excess fat in the stomach, you wont see any progress. This is called trying to “spot reduce”, this cannot be done.

The best way to approach exercising to get rid of neck fat is to focus on burning overall fat in the body. Combining weight training with cardiovascular exercise will reduce fat across the entire body.

I suggest the following Cardio Exercises:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Jump Rope

I personally think jump rope is one of the top cardio exercises because of how effective it is at improving cardio and burning fat. Look at boxers for example, they spend a lot of their time jump roping, this is one of the many reasons many boxers have such a lean body.

If you cannot run or swim, just going for a simple walk every morning for 30 minutes is a huge start, as your comfort levels grow and you become more interested in trying other things, you can start running, and then trying out other aerobic exercises.

I suggest the following Weight Training Exercises:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press

Some of you will notice something in common with all 3 exercises. They’re compound exercises. A compound exercise works multiple muscles in the body during the one exercise, when many people think of exercise they think of curls to build their biceps or crunches to build their abs. This is wrong and will not burn fat nearly as effectively as doing compound exercises.

Not only do compound exercises work multiple muscles but they burn more fat because more of your body is engaged and working, as opposed to doing curls and only working your biceps. Focus on compound exercise for weight training, focus on your cardio, and your diet.

Following this advice will help you burn a ton of weight and help get rid of your neck fat. Excess fat in the body is what causes neck fat, reducing the excess fat will help to reduce your neck fat.


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This is one I do not recommend but if you’ve tried exercising for at least 4 to 6 months, see no progress, and you’ve tried extremely hard while staying consistent, this can be an option. You’ll be discussing this with your doctor to find out your options but here are some possible surgeries to help get rid of neck fat.

Possible Surgeries:

  • Liposuction
  • Submentoplasty
  • Neck Lift

I wont give too much information on these topics as I am not a doctor, but I recommend speaking to your doctor about these options and seeing if they’re right for you.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Neck Fat?

Obviously surgery will be the fastest option, but I don’t recommend doing surgery until giving healthy diet and exercise a fair try. If you don’t fit lifestyle choices, more problems can appear in the future, so surgery wouldn’t be the first answer I’d recommend. But I suggest having that discussion with your doctor. Take your doctors advice over anything you read online, they know you best.

Generally it can take 4 to 6 months of consistent exercise and following a healthy diet to see noticeable results. The more effort you put in, the faster you will see results. I suggest following a healthy meal plan and exercises regularly each week, do this consistently and you’ll see results.


You should now have all the tools you need to get started! Like I’ve mentioned multiple times, focus on a healthy diet and regularly exercising to quickly reduce and get rid of neck fat. Don’t believe the claims of spot reduction, you cannot burn fat specifically in one area, you must burn overall body fat. Hopefully you enjoyed this article, if you have any feedback, feel free to send us a message.

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